The Band Storyum

Storyum started out as a project back in 2011 formed by Joe Janik and a group of his friends. Shortly after the first songs were written, we went on to record our first album "Insomnia" at Denevér studio in Hungary. This was the time, when the band officially formed and got its name Storyum. Our debut record was released by Edge Records and later after updates and remaster it was released by the british RavenHeart Records. Thanks to them we were able to spread our music worldwide (UK, USA, Australia, Japan, Sweden included). Songs "Angels", "Fire" and "Scars" were played on radio stations in the USA and Hungary. The band's first era officially ended in 2014 after a few member replacements.

The second era, already with the new members, started out big for us. We recorded and released our second album entitled "Freedom". This album includes the band's most well-known song "Sweet Killer" which was released as a single in 2015. We recorded a music video to this song, which we share on our Youtube channel. After that, we appeared regularly on stage at gigs in Slovakia, Hungary and Czech Republic. This was the time, when we as a band gained most popularity among metal music fans. Despite of the successful times for us, this era ended in October 2016 after several members left the band to pursue other life or career paths.

The band is in its current and final stage, often called as the "Re-loaded" era. It's not just band mates that changed, but also the sound and style. We recorded our third studio album in the beginning of 2017 and the record is being mixed at the moment. The release is planned in autumn this year.

Band members are: Joe "Storyum" – guitar, Raw – vocals, Tie – bass guitar and Nes – drums.

"Our main aim is to travel, discover and play as many countries as we can." WE ARE STORYUM.


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