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I was on a concert playing with one of my earlier bands. I was sitting behind the drums....There were more than 1000 people in front of the  stage waiting for us to start the show. I loved every single moment of the concert but something was still missing. When I got off the stage I realized I need more. I didn´t want to be just a drummer playing with a group of people (though eager) but I wanted to know what it is like to play in my own band my own songs in front of a big audience. However, at that time I knew nothing but how to play the drums. So this vision of mine remained just a sweet dream.

But what are dreams for if not to make them true? I started to learn how to play the guitar, the piano, the bass guitar, how to write music and I began to write my own songs. There were lots of failures until I formed Storyum. It wasn´t easy and it wasn´t crystal clear what I should do but I knew I shouldn´t give up.
The first album Insomnia was ready. Then suddenly I realized that it became a worldwide known release. That was finally a higher level I´ve always dreamt of. Unfortunately, on that level, my close friends from the band couldn´t continue to form my vision because of various reasons, so I was left alone with the album. Suprisingly, I wasn´t thinking about giving up because my dream of performing my own songs in front of thousands of people had not come true yet. Besides, the fact that I was on my own gave me the strength to prove not only myself but all those people who believed in me. I built my own small studio, I learnt the basics of how the sound system works and I started to write another album. After that, the time had come for Storyum to rise like a Phoenix from its ashes.

March 2017, everything was set and ready for the Storyum renewal. I knew that to accomplish the dream I had to find the right people. The post of the drummer had never been a question. I´d been playing with Nes before. I met him at that age when he couldn´t walk nor talk (babies are just like that). I thought, 20 years of friendship is long enough to know that it should work so I gave it a try.


I was walking through my usual daily routine of learning and practicing my drum sticking when my good old friend Joe wanted to meet me. I knew it’d be something special just from the tone of his voice. He sounded excited and curious, and as I expected and of course wanted, he told me he needed a real and serious drummer for his life project called Storyum… I remember how he told me that I used to be a good drummer. He knew that cause of our older project which suddenly fell apart because I had an accident and I broke both of my wrists. The doctors said I might forget about drumming but my will to play was stronger than the pain. So I got up and started to build up my old skills again… When Joe asked me to join the band, I had to learn 3 songs to check if I´ll fit in and if my musical skills are good enough. I remember how he acted: he showed no feelings, no reactions which was a bit confusing. I didn´t know what to think about that. I really wanted to play with such real musicians. When we finished he told me “ok, thank you, we will talk later”. And guess what? (Nes)


The second post I wanted to fill was the bassplayer´s. A friend of mine mentioned a reliable and smart guy who I´d be able to work with effectively. I got his number and we met.


It came to me as a surprise, when Joe called me in March 2017 to go grab a coffee and discuss me "possibly" joining Storyum. I've never met him before, just heard about him and the band from friends. Truth is I´d always been interested in playing in the band previously, but I thought it would never happen. Then there was this call. I thought, ok let's grab this opportunity and act quickly. We went for a coffee, talking about the band, about myself playing previously in bands, about expectations, plans, etc. He had clear visions about the band's future, he told me "this is our only chance to make something big". I got scared a little bit, because previously I played only in 2 garage bands, nothing serious. But now I was supposed to join a band with big plans, fast pace, with no "lazy" attitude. I said, yes, let's do this. We agreed to arrange a rehearsal, where I would be playing 3 songs to test my skills and get a feeling, if we can work together as a band.
Those 3 songs were Own Ghost, Play With Me and Sweet Killer. I listened to the songs like 10 times and thought, omg these are really freaking good songs. I saw some real potential in them and also in the things Joe explained to me. I started to believe we could really achieve something big. So, I was very eager to play live with the rest of the band. I was giving 110%, really feeling it, felt the connection with the other members. It was a great moment. The rehearsal was very quick, we played the songs 2 times and then the band decided to go have a drink somewhere to discuss me, but without me...I went home. Mmm, that was strange...I thought I would be joining them in the pub, so the others could get to know me or something. 
So, suddenly all my enthusiasm just disappeared. I thought I made a mistake in the songs, or that my 110% was just too much. I didn't know what would happen, but decided to wait for their response. About an hour after the rehearsal Joe called me...and the rest is history. (Tie)


The only thing left was to find an angel who can sing too. It took a while and it seemed impossible but one day Tie came with the best possible solution. So we arranged a rehearsal with a girl to complete the search for the post of the singer and to fill the gap which was missing.


I was sitting next to Tie in his car driving along to a place I´ve never been before. I was trying to calm down but my knees were shaking. That was the day of my first rehearsal. I was not a band member yet, I was a person in the car who had been asked to sing a song to see how I would manage. It should have been easy but I felt unpleasant with all the uncomforting thoughts in my head (I cannot sing the song, I cannot sing anything, I´m trash etc). I wished we had been driving forever and never reached the destination. “Don´t be surprised if we ask such things as ´what are your plans for the future?´ or ´how do you imagine working with us?´ came Tie´s voice from nowhere arousing the madness in me again. He showed no emotions during the journey but sometimes he gave away a phrase or a sentence precisely in the right moments breaking the last fragments of hope of surviving the day. Then there was no time for whimpering. We arrived. To the place. I sang the song....horribly. Nobody was saying anything, later on I found out that they all were concentrating on showing me the po-po-pokerface. And I also found out that the choice of the song was not an accident as well.

When I first heard All-in, I was surprised by the mixture of lyrics and melody characteristic for rather a disco pop song combined with metal riffs but I said ok, that´s interesting. The practicing and singing part was not that interesting, to be honest, the rehearsal itself was rather a survival test or a ´how not to collapse into a nervous breakdown in front of other people´ kinda thing. Frankly, I was struggling with myself and the song itself and I couldn´t give the performance I knew I could have given. I was disappointed and sad. As I mentioned, there were no reactions from the members, not even from Tie (who I was playing in another band with – that´s how I was taken into consideration). After the singing, I was a bit more peaceful because it was over. Until I heard Joe´s voice: ´can we do it again?´ oh dear.... Then we all went to a pub to talk about me and the band and my potential. At this time, I was at the ´stand by mode´. I was literally just looking out from my head but there was no brainwork at all. I registered only some fragments of the conversation like ´the singing was good´, ´we take it seriously´ and then something like ´ok, you got the job but don´t say anything, let it go through your head´. I was done. As you are reading it you may think ´such a horrible day, poor girl´ :P but the truth is, it was one of the bests. (Raw)


Raw had such hypnotizing power that we are still under its effect and it will never change. The chemistry works between us. August 8, 2017 was the day when we made a deal and the Storyum project became officially a band. The new album had been recorded, we made an album release show which turned out to be better than we´d expected. That was clearly a sign that we are on the right path. The next step was a small journey to Milan where we met Kiara from Musicarchy Management and in 2018 we started to work together...




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