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Time is not relative, time is ridiculous...

After decorating and cleaning up our wonderful and pleasant house, we decided to make it the home of some big event like... New Year´s Eve and after working and playing (so f*****g) hard there has to be some time to party hard. Unfortunately, I don´t know how hard it was or could have been because I can´t really remember. Don´t make faces like that! I wasn´t that drunk, I was having fun on one of the best nights of all but the time seemed running for its life. Spooky how the time flies when one is having fun....ridiculous. 



The winter is coming

 As all the wise bears in the world know that without a nice and warm snug there is a little hope to survive the hard Central European winter. We know it as well and that´s why we´ve chosen the perfect place for practicing and doing all the band stuff .....a clean (sanitary clean), comfortable, pleasant and stylish house.



Don´t panic! All for one, one for all

Don´t panic! – a cheap but in some cases useful advice for people like us who like to try challenging things together. If you´ve ever entered a panic room, you should know that co-operation is a crucial thing. And you may also know that in every co-operative group there is always somebody who just stands and watches. That might be me! To be honest, I don´t know what the hell was going on but we survived and got out of the panic room without losing our minds or consciousness or a body part or whatever. We were together as one with the force and after that we were laughing our asses off in some place eating through the night. It doesn´t matter where you are, but who you are with.



Under reconstruction


The website – - is getting better and better. Akos Meszaros is working on it with all his knowledge and passion.



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