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Tough Life

The Girl with a Pearl Earring, Madame Récamier, Mona Lisa....famous portraits of celebrated artists. It takes long hours and hard work to get such results and create timeless artwork. And it is also a great idea! After a microsecond of consideration we decided to immortalize ourselves. We immediately visited Horen Photography to take some shots of us for the cover of our new album. We had a great time on Tuesday. The make-up was provided by Liv´s Visage.

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Interview with Joe

In every band (actually in every social group) there is the one who never eats, never sleeps and is always working like a vampire in his castle. In our case, we don´t have anybody like that because the above mentioned lifestyle is not good for our skin but it doesn´t mean that each member of the band doesn´t do his or her best. In this case, Joe was more than happy to be interviewed by Patria Radio talking about the big story of Storyum.



Run, Stella, Run

When Forest Gump was running just for the pleasure of running, a lot of people was following him just for the pleasure of following a stranger. When Stella was running a half marathon in Balatonakali 17/3, a bunch of people had to follow her simply because they had no choice. Our beautiful dance goddess had the power of Usain Bolt and the eye of the tiger. She outran everyone, she didn´t feel the rain in subzero temperatures. She didn´t even have the time to notice all the colours of the wind blowing with 80 km/h. 21 kilometers later, you could hear the supporters screaming the name of the winner: Hey, Stella!!!



Time is not relative, time is ridiculous...

After decorating and cleaning up our wonderful and pleasant house, we decided to make it the home of some big event like... New Year´s Eve and after working and playing (so f*****g) hard there has to be some time to party hard. Unfortunately, I don´t know how hard it was or could have been because I can´t really remember. Don´t make faces like that! I wasn´t that drunk, I was having fun on one of the best nights of all but the time seemed running for its life. Spooky how the time flies when one is having fun....ridiculous. 




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